CUMANDA EL MOLINO Bee and Hummingbird Project

The municipality of Cumanda el Molíno is located in the province of Chimborazo, nestled in the heights of the Andes. Vegetables, peas and quinoa are grown by the indigenous population around the village, but beekeeping also has a long tradition. The climatic conditions in the region encourage species-rich vegetation, which is reflected in the high quality of the honey. There are currently five beekeepers in the community who together have around 25 beehives. However, the cultivation of bee-friendly plants in the area has so far been limited – most families lack the money to buy planting material and seeds.

The aim

As part of the project, the number of beehives is to be increased to around 300 and the landscape is to be made more insect-friendly. The aim is to plant 3.000m2  of hedge made from useful and flowering plants as well as fruit trees. These not only serve as an important source of food for the bees, but also offer various bird species such as the hummingbird a retreat. In addition, agriculture is to be expanded with plants such as sunflowers, linseed and phacelia and a cistern and an irrigation system are to be built. The maintenance of the hedges is financed through the sale of the additional honey, so that the project is economically self-sustaining in the future.

The project promotes sustainable beekeeping so that it offers a secure source of income for future generations in the long term. By ensuring the high quality of the honey, beekeepers also have export opportunities on national and international markets. In addition, the plantations contribute to the promotion of biodiversity. The lighthouse project is being implemented by the families in the village and is intended to serve as a role model in the region. Surrounding communities can adopt the concept, which multiplies the impact.

Your support

The donations finance the purchase of the planting material, the planting work, the construction of a cistern, the installation of a drip irrigation system and the technical advice from the betterECO Foundation project team.



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